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Key Players of Sabah FC May Miss Against Sri Pahang FC Due to Injuries

Four key Sabah FC players may be unable to play in Sunday’s Super League match against Sri Pahang FC at the Darul Makmur Stadium.

Telmo Castanheira, Gabriel Peres, Jailton Da Silva, and Darren Lok are the players who sustained injuries during the match against Kuching City FC last Monday, according to head coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee.

While there are other players prepared to cover their roles and offer intense competition for the forthcoming encounter, he claimed he is not overly concerned about their ailments.

“We’ll monitor their development… Hence, I won’t know if they can play until after tomorrow’s practise. The Sri Pahang team won’t be here for another 48 hours or so. The other players are generally in excellent shape… In a statement to the media today, he stated, “I believe their level of fitness is fairly high, where every player who is deployed, regardless of whether they are in the starting lineup or substitutes, is able to display a decent level of fitness.

Darren Lok and Saddil Ramdani make a fantastic team, according to Kim Swee, who also noted that they both managed to score goals and perform well in each of their matches.

They get along well together… Even though they have only played in a few matches as a team, they are doing fairly well. Other players are similarly perceived as being very committed to putting up a solid performance.

Thus, he remarked, “I hope that all players can continue to play well while still being able to display their superb performance for the following matches.